PQ30RV2 Datasheet PDF – 2A, Voltage Regulator

Part Number: PQ30RV2

Function: 2A, Variable Output Low Power-Loss Voltage Regulator

Package: TO-220-5 Type

Manufacturer: Sharp Electronics


PQ30RV2 datasheet



This is Variable Output Low Power-Loss Voltage Regulator.


1. Compact resin full-mold package

2. Low power-loss (Dropout voltage : MAX 0.5V)

3. Variable output voltage(setting range : 1.5 to 30V)

4. Built-in output ON/OFF control fuction


1. Power supply for print concentration control of electronic typewriters with display

2. Series power supply for motor drives

3. Series power supply for VCRs and TVs


PQ30RV2 Datasheet PDF Download

PQ30RV2 pdf

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