PT78NR100 Datasheet PDF – 1A, Integrated Switching Regulator

Part Number: PT78NR100

Function: 1 Amp Plus to Minus Voltage Integrated Switching Regulator

Package: SIP 3 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Image and Pinouts:

PT78NR100 datasheet



The PT78NR100 Series creates a negative output voltage from a positive input voltage greater than 7V.  These easy-to-use, 3-terminal, Integrated Switching Regulators (ISRs) have maximum output power of 5 watts and a negative output voltage that is laser trimmed. They also have excellent line and load regulation.


1. Negative output from positive input

2. Wide Input Range

3. Self-Contained Inductor

4. Short Circuit Protection

5. Over-Temperature Protection

6. Fast Transient Response


PT78NR100 Datasheet PDF Download

PT78NR100 pdf

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