QF132V1.00 PDF Datasheet – DC-AC INVERTER

A DC to AC inverter is an electronic device that converts direct current (DC) power into alternating current (AC) power. The primary purpose of an inverter is to enable the use of AC-powered devices and appliances when only a DC power source, such as a battery or solar panel, is available.

Part Number: QF132V1.00


Manufacturer: WinMate

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The DC To AC inverter, QF132V1.00 is designed as a low noise high frequency high efficiency
and as a low profile and light weight switching power supply.


1. Applicable TO 4 Tube

2. Constant Current output

3. Possesses open load protection

4.  No load –output auto stop

5. Meet TCO 99

3. LCD (Application)

LCD 17” Lcm Model L170E1,E3 Brand Chi Mei Hynix AU Remark JP1 JP2 JP3 JP6 OFF OFF OFF 4. Operating Conditions Item Input Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Operating Humidity Storage Humidity Symbol Conditions Vin Top Ha=90%RH Tstg Ha=95%RH Hop Hstg Ta=0 55 Ta=20 80 MIN MAX Unit 10 – V 0 65 -10 80 20 90 %RH – 95 %RH Remark 5. Operating Characteristics Item Input Voltage Input Current (Low Brightness) Input Current (High Brightness) Lamp Current (Low Brightness) Lamp Current (High Brightness) Symbol Vin Conditions GND=0V IinL Vin=TYP. 1% ON VR=MIN (Iout=MIN) IinH Vin=TYP. 1% ON VR=MAX (Iout=MAX) IoutL Vin=TYP. 1% ON VR=MIN (Iout=MIN) IoutH Vin=TYP. 1% ON VR=MAX (Iout=MAX) MIN. TYP. MAX. Unit 10.8 12 13.2 V 810 930 1050 mA 1700 1850 2100 mA mA 3.3 4.5 5.6 rms mA 11.8 12.5 13.3 rms Remark Working Frequency Dimming Brightness Control Output Voltage QF132v1.00 2004/5/20 Page 3 Tube Current Connection of Voltage 40 43 48 KHZ >2.5:1 – – 5 – 0V CCFT Current =5mA 710 V 6.Connector 6-1. (P1) Input Connector PIN No 1 2 3 4 5 6 Symbol Vin Vin GND Brightness GND Control Description DC+12V DC+12V Ground Digital Brightness Control Ground ON/OFF control ON=+5V OFF=0V 6-2 (P2&P3) Output Connector PIN No 1 2 3 4 Symbol Output Output NC Output Description Lamp High Voltage Lamp High Voltage Lamp Low Voltage 6-3 Connector Model No & Brand Connector No. Connector Parts No P1 S6B-PH-SM3 P2 SM04(4.0) P4 SM04(4.0) Brand JST JST JST S6B-PH-SM3 SM04(4.0) PCB DIMESION QF132v1.00 (pin1) 7. Mechanical Characteristics Dimension: 160mm – 35mm – 11mm Weight: MAX. 42g (pin1) 2004/5/20 Page 4 QF132v1.00 2004/5/20 Page 5 QF132V1.00 VX 0206 ’02’ ’06’ QF132v1.00 2004/5/20 Page 6 PCB LAYOUT QF132v1.00 2004/5/20 Page 7 PCB LAYOUT QF132v1.00 2004/5/20 Page 8 QF132v1.00 2004/5/20 Page 9 QF132v1.00 2004/5/20 Page 10 ITEM MATERIAL CLASS 1.FERRITE CORE 2F8 NC-2H 2.BOBBIN LCP (94V-0) E4008L 130°C (94V-0) PM9630 150°C 3.TAPE 3M NO.1350(b) 130°C UL FILE NO E54705(M) E41429(M) E17385(N) 4.MYLAR FILM 5.WIRE LUMIRROR Z2 (94VTM-2) POLYURETHANE ENAMELLED COPPER UEW-2 DD 105°C 130°C 130°C E86511(M) E79029(S) 6.VARNISH 7.COVER 8.EPOXY BC-359 BC-346A LCP(94V-0) E4008L R-10(94V-0) 130°C 200°C 130°C E51047(M) E51047(M) E54705(M) 160°C E70012(M) MANUF ACTURER TOMITA NI […]

QF132V100 datasheet

QF132V1.00 PDF Datasheet