RA8806 Datasheet PDF – LCD Controller – RAiO

Part Number: RA8806

Function: Two Layers Character/Graphic LCD Controller

Pacakge : LQFP-100, TQFP-80 Type

Manufacturer: RAiO Technology


RA8806 datasheet



RA8806 is a LCD controller for Dot-Matrix type STN-LCD which supports both character and graphic mode display.


1. A RA8806L2N-S or RA8806T1N-S Chip on the controller board An onboard 8051 MCU (embedded 64K flash) with RS232 download interface to PC. (optional)

2. LCD panel interface connectors 4/8-bit of 6800/8080 MPU interface

3. 4/8-bits driver interface.

4. 8×8 or 4×8 key-pad interface.

5. Touchscreen Interface

6. 3.3V/5V Regulators LCD Driving Voltage V+ or V- for driver of LCD module (optional) Power connectors DC 9-12V power supply (optional)

Other data sheets are available within the file: RA8806L2N-S, RA8806T1N-S


RA8806 Datasheet PDF Download

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