RKS-11DX-24 PDF – 24VDC, PC Board Miniature Relay

This post describes for the relay.

The Part Number is RKS-11DX-24.

The function of this semiconductor is 2 Form C(DPDT), 24VDC,  PC Board Miniature Relay.

The manufacturer of this part is Siemens.

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RKS-11DX-24 relay datasheet


RKS-11DX-24 is 10 Amp, DC 24V, PC Board Miniature Relay.

A Form C (DPDT) relay refers to a type of relay that has two sets of common (C) terminals and double-pole, double-throw (DPDT) switching contacts. Each set of contacts can be in one of two positions, either connected to the normally closed (NC) terminal or the normally open (NO) terminal.

The “2 Form C” designation means that the relay has two sets of DPDT contacts. This allows the relay to control two separate circuits or devices simultaneously.

The “24VDC” specification indicates that the relay is designed to operate with a 24-volt direct current (DC) power supply. This voltage is typically used in electronic circuits or control systems.

Meets VDE 8mm spacing, 4kV dielectric

Contact Data @ 25°C

1. Arrangements: 1 Form A (SPST-NO), 1 Form B (SPST-NC), 1 Form C
(SPDT), 2 Form A (DPST-NO) and 2 Form C (DPDT).

2. Material: Silver-cadmium oxide.

3. Expected Mechanical Life: 10 million operations.


• SPST through DPDT contact arrangements.

• Immersion cleanable§, tape sealed plastic case.

• Meets VDE 8mm spacing, 4kV dielectric, coil to contacts.

• Conforms to VDE 0435, 0631, 0700 and 0806.

• UL Class B coil insulation system.


RKS-11DX-24 pinout pdf

RKS-11DX-24 PDF Datasheet