RTD2120 PDF Datasheet – 8051 Embedded Micro Controller

Part Number: RTD2120, RTD2120L

Function: 8051 Embedded Micro Controller

Package: PLCC44, LQFP48, QFP44 Type

Manufacturer: Realtek


RTD2120 datasheet pdf


The RTD2120 chip is the micro-processor of LCD monitor. It uses the Designware DW8051 of Synopsys as the 8051 core of this chip and is compatible with other industry 8051 series. Also, 96Kbyte FLASH with 8 bit bus is embedded in this chip which is licensed from TSMC 0.18um e-FLASH process. […]


1. Operating voltage range : 3.0V to 3.6V

2. 8051 core, CPU operating frequency up to 50MHz

3. 4 clocks per machine cycle

4. 256-byte internal RAM

5. 512-byte external data RAM, including 256-byte DDC RAM(128-byte x 2) and 256-byte
general purpose RAM

6. 96K-byte flash memory, 64k for program and 32k for saving parameter

7. Two DDC ports compliant with VESA DDC1/2B/2Bi/CI

8. Three channels of PWM DAC with programmable frequency from 100K to 100Hz

RTD2120 Datasheet

RTD2120 pdf