S2R72V27 Datasheet – USB Host/Device Controller – EPSON

Part Number: S2R72V27

Function: USB Host/Device Controller

Package:  QFP14-80

Manufacturer: EPSON


S2R72V27 USB Controller


The S2R72V27 is a USB host/device controller LSI that supports the USB 2.0 high-speed mode. A single USB port can be operated as a USB host or USB device depending on how control is switched. This LSI maintains high compatibility with the S2R72V17 but includes additional functions such as support for USB host isochronous transfers. This Device is also compatible with S2R72V27 at it’s function.


S2R72V27 datasheet pinout



1. Supports HS (480 Mbps), FS (12 Mbps), and LS (1.5 Mbps) transfer
2. Built-in pull-down resistor for downstream ports (no external circuit required)
3. Built-in HS termination (no external circuit required)
4. Supports control, bulk, interrupt, and isochronous transfers
5. Supports HS (480 Mbps) and FS (12 Mbps) transfer
6. Built-in FS/HS termination (no external circuit required)
7. VBUS 5V I/F (requires external protective circuit)
8. Supports control, bulk, interrupt, and isochronous transfers

The sequence of steps for turning the power supplies on and off are described below. This LSI cannot be operated with only the LVDD or CVDD power supplies turned on or off. The HVDD can be turned off if the LVDD or CVDD power supplies are on. The synchronous register cannot be accessed while HVDD is off, since the PLL does not operate. Also, the following restrictions apply to the sequence for turning the CVDD/HVDD I/O power supplies and LVDD internal power supply on or off. There are no restrictions on the sequence for turning the CVDD and HVDD power supplies on or off.


S2R72V27 Datasheet


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