S34ML01G100TF100 – 3V SLC, 1Gb, NAND Flash Memory

Part Number: S34ML01G100TF100

Function: 3V SLC, 1Gb, NAND Flash Memory

Package: TSOP 48 Pin, 63BGA Type

Manufacturer: Cypress Semiconductor


S34ML01G100TF100 datasheet pdf



The Cypress S34ML01G1, S34ML01G100TF100, S34ML02G1, and S34ML04G1 series is offered with a 3.3-V VCC power supply, and with ×8 or ×16 I/O interface. Its NAND cell provides the most cost-effective solution for the solid state mass storage market. The memory is divided into blocks that can be erased independently so it is possible to preserve valid data while old data is erased. The page size for ×8 is (2048 + 64 spare) bytes; for ×16 (1024 + 32) words.

Each block can be programmed and erased up to 100,000 cycles with ECC (error correction code) on. To extend the lifetime of NAND flash devices, the implementation of an ECC is mandatory.
The chip supports CE# don’t care function. This function allows the direct download of the code from the NAND flash memory device by a microcontroller, since the CE# transitions do not stop the read operation. […]


S34ML01G100TF100 Datasheet