SAA5262PS Datasheet – 10-Page Intelligent Teletext Decoder

Part Number: SAA5262PS

Function: 10-Page Intelligent Teletext Decoder

Package: DIP 52 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )


SAA5262PS datasheet



The SAA5262PS ICs are single-chip 10-page 625-line World System Teletext (WST) decoders with a high level command interface, SAFARI compatible. It has been designed so that the overall system cost is kept to a minimum. This has been achieved through the capability of the device to be driven from a single +5 V power supply, low cost 12 MHz crystal oscillator and the high level command interface, which offers the benefit of low software overhead in the TV microcontroller. The SAA526xPS offers automatic detection of Fastext or TOP transmissions. The device also incorporates a facility to detect the pages in the transmission, which allows only transmitted pages to be selected by page-up and page-down.



1. Complete 625-line teletext decoder in a single integrated circuit thereby reducing printed-circuit board
area and cost

2. Automatic detection of transmitted pages so that only existing pages will be selected by page-up and
page-down once inventory validated

3. Automatic detection of transmitted Fastext links or service information (packet 8/30)
4. On-screen display for user interface (menus, etc.) using teletext and dedicated menu icons
5. Video Programming System (VPS) decoding
6. Wide Screen Signalling (WSS) decoding
7. 8-page Fastext decoder


Other data sheets are available within the file: SAA5261PS, SAA5261PS/017, SAA5261PS/101, SAA5262

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