SAF7741HV Datasheet – Audio Digital Signal Processor – NXP

Part Number: SAF7741HV

Function: Dual IF car radio and audio DSP (N1F)

Manufacturer: Philips, NXP

Package: HLQFP144 Type

Image :

SAF7741HV processor


The SAF7741HV is a combined Intermediate-Frequency (IF) car radio and audio Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with several powerful cores integrated onto a single device. It combines analog IF input, digital radio and audio processing, sample-rate converters and digital and analog audio output to enhance listening clarity and noise suppression while reducing multipath channel effect.

The SAF7741 offers user-specific functions which can be configured to match the software platform required by the systems of individual car-radio manufacturers, thus providing a high level of product differentiation. It is equipped to work with the TEF7000 and TEF6730 integrated tuners for analog and digital AM/FM decoding and sound processing

SAF7741HV datasheet pinout


SAF7741HV Datasheet PDF


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