SAQ8818 Datasheet PDF – High Performance PWM Controller

Part Number: SAQ8818

Function: High Performance – PWM Controller

Package: DIP, SOP 16 Pin

Manufacturer: SAQCN

SAQ8818 PWM Controller


SAQ8818 application is a powerful switching power supply solutions.

The design for LCD products with CCFL backlight, EEFL backlight, LED backlight management, and computer Power supply, home appliances, communication products, such as switching power supplies, DC-DC converter control, product features full compatibility High.
1. This product includes single-ended PWM, double-ended PWM, push-pull, half-bridge, and full-bridge circuits, with efficiency up to 90%.

2. 5-45V ultra-wide operating voltage, unique in the industry, greatly facilitates product design and improves product reliability.

3.  Drive current up to 3A, extremely high symmetry, and controllable drive level. It can directly drive P, N-type MOSFETs and transistors, and has its own corresponding circuit platform technology.

1. Supply voltage 5-45V.
2. Single-ended PWM, double-ended PWM, push-pull, half-bridge, full-bridge circuits are optional.
3. Various protection function designs, and can set protection lock and self-recovery.
4. 3A drive current, can directly push MOSFET and triode, voltage and current mode are automatically switched.
5. Extremely high conversion efficiency.
6. The frequency setting adopts dual mode of capacitance and resistance, which can achieve high precision frequency. The on-chip oscillator can perform master-slave operation.
7. ESD protection design, up to 20KV.
8. ROHS standard, meet environmental requirements.

SAQ8818 datasheet

1. P OUT1 O Output driver P1
2. P OUT2 O Output driver P2
3. N OUT2 O Output driver N2
4. VCC – The power supplies PIN
5. SLECT O To Set the output
6. VREF O The voltage for reference
7. PR SLECT I To set the lever of the Open lamp protection
8. OLP I The PIN of the Open lamp protection
9. IN+ I The inverting input of the error amplifier for +
10. IN- I The inverting input of the error amplifier for –
11. COMP O Output of the error amplifier
12. CLAMP O Over voltage clamping
13. CTOSC I/O Set frequency of main frequency for PWM controller
14. LOAD/RT I/O An external resistor connected to change frequency
15. GND – The ground PIN
16. N OUT1 O Output driver N1

Functional block diagram

SAQ8818 datasheet pdf



1. CCFL backlight system.
2. EEFL backlight system.
3. LED backlight system.
4. laptop.
5. LCD monitors and LCD TV products.
6. Mobile TV, mobile DVD.
7. Vehicle display system.
8. ATM terminal.
9. POS terminal.
10. 5-1000W DC-DC switching power supply.


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