SCI7660 Datasheet PDF – DC-DC Converter – Epson

Part Number: SCI7660

Function: DC-DC Converter ( Power Supply IC )

Package: SOP 8pin Type

Manufacturer: Seiko Epson Corp

SCI7660 datasheet


The SCI7660 Series is a highly efficient CMOS DC/DC converter for doubling an input voltage. This power saving IC allows portable computers and similar hand held equipment to operate from a single power supply, even when they incorporate LSIs that operate at voltages different from those of logic circuits, for example, LCD drivers and analog LSIs. The SCI7660C0Bis available in 8-pin plastic DIPs, and the SCI7660M0B, in 8-pin plastic SOPs.


1. 95% (typ.) conversion efficiency

2. Two output voltages, VO, relative to VDDand VI

3. 30mA maximum output current at 5V

4. Two-in-series configuration doubles negative output voltage.

5. Low operating voltage

6. On-chip RC oscillator

7. 8-pin plastic DIP and 8-pin plastic SOP


1. Fixed-voltage power supplies for battery-operated equipment

2. Power supplies for pagers, memory cards, calculators and similar hand-held equipment

3. Fixed-voltage power supplies for medical equipment

4. Fixed-voltage power supplies for communications equipment

5. Uninterruptable power supplies

Other data sheets are available within the file: SCI7660C

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