SDH-15GF Datasheet PDF – D-subminiature Backshell

Part Number: SDH-15GF

Function: D-subminiature Backshell – Gray with All-Plastic Connectors SDH Series

Manufacturer: Cinch


SDH-15GF datasheet


This is D-subminiature Backshell.


1. The Cinch Super D Interconnection System is a simple, fast, economical, and reliable way for
mating connectors from cable to cable or cable to panel.

2. Snap-on Super D plastic hoods captivate connectors providing positive, self-latching, audible
mating with reliable retention and Latch-N-Lock quick release disconnect.

3. Snap-on Super-D plastic hoods are also available with filler ends to utilize 4-40

Straight (180°) Cable Entry Gray Backshells for All-Plastic Connector

• Fits only T Series All-Plastic IDC connector on pages 4-38 thru 4-39.

Other data sheets are available within the file: SDH-9GF, SDH-25GF, SDH-37GF, SDH-15GFL

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SDH-15GF pdf