SG2803L-DESC Datasheet PDF – Current Driver Arrays

Part Number: SG2803L-DESC

Function: High Voltage Medium Current Driver Arrays

Package: CLCC 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation

Image and Pinouts:

SG2803L-DESC pinout datasheet

Cross reference to 5962-86058012A, 5962-86058012, 86058012


The SG2800, SG2803L-DESC series integrates eight NPN Darlington pairs with internal suppression diodes to drive lamps, relays, and solenoids in many military, aerospace, and industrial applications that require severe environments. All units feature open collector outputs with greater than 50V breakdown voltages combined with 500mA current carrying capabilities. Five different input configurations provide optimized designs for interfacing with DTL, TTL, PMOS, or CMOS drive signals. These devices are designed to operate from -55°C to 125°C ambient temperature in a 18-pin dual in-line ceramic (J) package and 20-pin leadless chip carrier (LCC).



1. Eight NPN Darlington pairs
2. Collector currents to 600mA
3. Output voltages from 50V to 95V
4. Internal clamping diodes for inductive loads
5. DTL, TTL, PMOS, or CMOS compatible inputs
6. Hermetic ceramic package

Other data sheets are available within the file:

JAN2801J, JAN2802J, JAN2803J, JAN2804J, SG2001J

SG2803L-DESC Datasheet PDF Download

SG2803L-DESC pdf


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