SN65LVDS822 Datasheet PDF – Flatlink LVDS Receiver

Part Number: SN65LVDS822

Function: Flatlink LVDS Receiver

Package: VQFN (48) Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


SN65LVDS822 datasheet


The SN65LVDS822 is an advanced FlatLink low-voltage differential signal (LVDS) receiver designed on a modern CMOS process. The device has several unique features, including three selectable CMOS output slew rates, CMOS output voltage support of 1.8 V to 3.3 V, a pinout swap option, integrated differential termination (configurable), an automatic low-power mode, and deserialization modes of 4:27 and 2:27. The device is compatible with TI FlatLink™ transmitters such as the SN75LVDS83B, SN65LVDS93A, and standard industry LVDS transmitters that comply with TIA/EIA 644-A.

Block Diagram :



1. 4:27 LVDS-to-CMOS Deserializer

2. Pixel Clock Range of 4 MHz to 54 MHz, for Resolutions of 160 × 120 to 1024 × 600

3. Special 2:27 Mode With 14x Sampling Allows Using Just Two Data Lanes

4. Very Low EMI With 3-Way Selectable CMOS Slew Rate


SN65LVDS822 Datasheet PDF Download

SN65LVDS822 pdf

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