SP1848-27145 PDF Datasheet – Thermoelectric Cooler

Part Number: SP1848-27145

Function: Thermoelectric Cooler

Manufacturer: Marlow

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SP1848-27145 is Thermoelectric Cooler.

Performance Values Hot Side Temperature (°C) ∆ Tmax (°C-dry N2): Qmax (watts): Imax (amps): Vmax (vdc): AC Resistance (ohms): 27°C 62.0 21.3 9.36 3.48 0.323 50°C 70.6 23.6 9.24 3.88 — SP1848-27145 Mechanical Characteristics 1.130 [28.70] 1.000 [25.4] 1.000 [25.4] Cold Side Negative Positive Hot Side Ceramic Material: Alumina (AC) Millimeters are in [ ] .192 [4.88] Ordering Options SP1848-27145-00 SP1848-27145-03 with out lead wire with 4” lead wire 102-0132, Rev A

Thermoelectric Cooler Performance Curves Environment: One atmosphere dry nitrogen Hot Side Temperature: 27°C Hot Side Temperature: 50°C HEAT LOAD (WATTS)  For performance information in a vacuum or with hot side temperatures other than 27°C or 50°C, consult one of our Applications Engineers. Installation Recommended mounting methods: Bonding with thermal epoxy or soldering with metallized ceramics. For additional information, please refer to our TEC Installation Guide. Operation Cautions For maximum reliability, storage and operation below 85°C in a non-condensing environment is recommended. To minimize thermal stress, use linear/proportional temperature control or a similar method rather than an ON/OFF method. Marlow Industries, Inc. 10451 Vista Park Road Dallas Texas 75238-1645 TEL: 214-340-4900 FAX: 214-341-5212 Internet: http://www.marlow.com

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SP1848-27145 datasheet manual

SP1848-27145 PDF Datasheet