SPCP168A Datasheet – USB Optical Mouse IC – Sunplus IC

Part Number: SPCP168A, C3145

Function : USB Optical Mouse SoC

Manufacturer: Sunplus Innovation Technology Inc.


SPCP168A image

SPCP168A Datasheet


The SPCP168A sensor SoC is a low cost single chip optical mouse General solution used to implement a non-mechanical tracking engine for computer mice. It is based on SPCP138A optical navigation technology which measures changes in position by optically acquiring sequential surface images and mathematically determining the direction and magnitude of movement. The General optical mouse SoC provides a complete and compact mouse solution. There are no moving parts, and precision optical alignment is not required, few outside components use and facilitate high volume assembly.

The SPCP168A is in a SFF (Small form factor) symmetrical PDIP14-pin optical package and comes with multiple CPI(counts per inch) resolution by CPI button switching and the speed of motion up to 25 inches per second. It includes 3 generally buttons (R、M、L); X-Y motion and a mechanical wheel encoding (1:2)for vertical scrolling and 2 extra 4th / 5th buttons optional.

USB MCU inside so that it’s no more mouse controller is needed to interface through USB. The SPCP168A can receive USB command and echo status or data format, both complete USB spec V2.0 and USB HID spec V1.1 compatibility. It is also a cost effective solution to support USB Optical Mouse.

Application Circuit

SPCP168A Circuit

SPCP168A Datasheet

SPCP168A pdf

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