SSC9502S PDF Datasheet – Power Control IC – Sanken

This post explains for the semiconductor SSC9502S.

The Part Number is SSC9502S.

The function of this semiconductor is current resonance type power control IC.

The package is SOP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanken Electric


SSC9502S datasheet pdf


SSC9502S is a current resonance type power control IC with built-in Hi-Side MOSFET driven floating drive loop. The controller adopts SOP18 package, with fewer peripheral components and simple circuit design, which is suitable for miniaturization and standardization of power supply. In addition, the controller has a Dead-time automatic adjustment system, which can be easily designed for high efficiency for various power supply specifications. […]


1. Built-in soft start function – Reduce the stress of the power MOSFET and prevent the occurrence of resonance deviation when the power supply is started

2. External Latch protection Forced latch (Latch) shutdown can be achieved according to external signals

3. Wave-by-wave resonance deviation detection circuit

4. Dead-time automatic adjustment function

5. It has a shutdown function when the input voltage is low (Brown In/Brown Out function)

6. Over Current Protection Corresponding to overcurrent status, 3-stage protection action

SSC9502S Datasheet