STA510F Datasheet – 44V, Quad Power Half-Bridge ( PDF )

Part Number: STA510F

Function: 44V, 5.5A, Quad Power Half-Bridge

Package: PSSO 36 Pin Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


STA510F datasheet

1 GND-SUB Substrate ground
2, 3 OUT2B Output half-bridge 2B
4 Vcc2B Positive supply
5 GND2B Negative supply
6 GND2A Negative supply
7 Vcc2A Positive supply
8, 9 OUT2A Output half-bridge 2A
10, 11 OUT1B Output half-bridge 1B
12 Vcc1B Positive supply
13 GND1B Negative supply
14 GND1A Negative supply
15 Vcc1A Positive supply
16, 17 OUT1A Output half-bridge 1A
18 NC Not connected


The STA510F is a monolithic, quad, half-bridge stagein Multipower BCD technology. The device can beused as dual bridge or reconfigured, byconnecting CONFIG pin to Vdd pin, as singlebridge with double current capability, and as halfbridge (binary mode) with half current capability.


1. Minimum input/output pulse width distortion
2. 150 mΩ RdsON complementary DMOS output stage
3. CMOS compatible logic inputs
4. Thermal protection
5. Thermal warning output
6. Undervoltage protection
7. No power-on, power-off sequence required

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