STR-A6252 PDF – 15W, Flyback Switching Regulator

Part Number: STR-A6252

Function: Universal-Input/15 W 50 kHz Flyback Switching Regulator

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Allegro MicroSystems

Images:STR-A6252 pinout datasheet


The STR-A6251 and STR-A6252 are 50 kHz PWM topology (with ±5% frequency jittering for minimum EMI) regulators specifically designed to satisfy the requirements for increased integration and reliability in flyback converters. They incorporate a primary control and drive circuit with avalanche-rated power MOSFETs.

The STR-A6252 features higher allowable switching current and lower on-resistance.
The STR-A6251 is also available for 67 kHz operation. Covering the power range from below 21 watts or 24 watts for a 230 VAC input, or to 15 or 20 watts for a universal (85 to 264 VAC) input, these devices can be used in a wide range of applications, from
DVD players and VCR player/recorders to ac adapters for cellular phones and digital cameras. An auto-burst standby function reduces power consumption at light load, while multiple protections, including the avalanche-energy guaranteed MOSFET, provide high reliability of system design. […]

STR-A6252 pdf


■ 50 kHz PWM with ±5% Frequency Jittering Cost Reduction of EMI Noise Filtering

■ Rugged 650 V Avalanche-Rated MOSFET Simplified Surge Absorption No VDSS Derating Required

■ Choice of rDS(on) (2.8 Ω or 3.95 Ω maximum)

■ Auto-Burst Mode for Stand-By Operation or Light Loads Less Transformer Audible Noise

■ Built-In Leading Edge Blanking

■ Soft Start and Low Start-Up Current Start-Up Circuit Disabled in Operation

■ Low Operating Current (4 mA max)

STR-A6252 PDF Datasheet