STR-W6853 Datasheet PDF – Quasi-Resonant SMPS

Part Number: STR-W6853, STR-W 6800 Series

Function:  Quasi-Resonant SMPS

Package: TO-220-7 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

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STR-W6853 datasheet


STR-W6853 Series ICs” for QuasiResonant SMPS with high efficiency and low noise that consume only one-tenth of the electric power compared with that of our conventional devices.The STR-W6800 Series are thick-film ICs for Quasi

-Resonant flyback SMPS with MOSFET and control built-in, featuring fewer external components, simplified circuit design, small-size and standard power supply.

“STRW6853 Series ICs” offersthree operation modes: Quasi-Resonant, Multi-Bottom Skip and Time Fix Control, thus guaranteeing high efficiencyin all loading areas by means of the automatic change-over of the operation modes.  QR—- Quasi-Resonant operation at the time of heavy load  MBS—- Multi-Bottom Skip operation at the time of medium load for preventing oscillating frequency rising up and fixing operating frequency  TFC—- Time Fix Control at the time of light load such as stand-by load By adopting chip-on-chip construction, even small package can deal with big power.

Ordering Informations :

STR-W6853 data

STR-W6853 datasheet


1. Seven-pin small SIP style package FM207 (generally called TO220), affording dielectric

2. Guarantees space of 1.8mm between high voltage pin and other pins, thus high voltage
MOSFET built-in allowed

3. Offers low startup current by employing BCD-Process

4. Automatic change-over of QR and MBS operations
With MOSFET turn-on at the bottom of VDS, “STR-W 6800 Series ICs” offers high efficiency
and low noise at the wide areas from the heavy load to stand-by load and fixed operating frequency, and enables SMPS to become smaller.

5. TFC operation delivers low-power standby mode for fixing turn-on time, enabling external
components to adjust turn-on time.

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STR-W6853 Datasheet PDF

STR-W6853 datasheet pdf