SW2604 Datasheet PDF – PWM Switching Controller

Part Number: SW2604

Function: High Performance Current Mode PWM Switching Power Supply Controller

Package: DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: SAMWIN

Pinout : SW2604 Pinout


The SW2604 bipolar process, the built-in anti-overload, anti-saturation circuit, to meet the green standard switching power supply controller; to improve Consistency circuit performance parameters, the internal reference voltage specially designed to improve the accuracy of the internal reference voltage. With wide power supply (85–265) design, typical output power of 12W, the maximum output power up to 15W, the peak output power of 18W. Widely used in economical switching power supply, Such as DVD, set-top boxes, fax machines, printers, LCD displays.


1. Built-in anti-overload, saturation circuit, in time to prevent an overload, switch transformer saturation and output short circuit fault

2. adopt 700V voltage bipolar transistor as a switch; while taking advantage of its amplification to complete the start, and power consumption is reduced startup resistor More than 10 times

3. switch built-in, reduce costs, improve the circuit cost

4. built-in slope compensation circuit, thermal protection circuit, the slope current drive circuit

5. Built-in thermal protection circuit

6. Low start-up and operating current

7. VCC overvoltage automatically limits

8. No output power consumption less than 0.15W

9. minimal external components

Block Diagram

SW2604 Datasheet

SW2604 Datasheet

SW2604 pdf