T2117-TASY Datasheet PDF – Zero-Voltage Switch

Part Number: T2117-TASY

Function: Zero-Voltage Switch with Adjustable Ramp

Package: DIP, SO 8 Pin

Manufacturer: Atmel Corporation


T2117-TASY datasheet



The integrated circuit, T2117, T2117-TASY is designed as a zero-voltage switch in bipolar technology. It is used to control resistive loads at mains by a triac in zero-crossing mode. A ramp generator allows power control function by period group control, whereas full-wave logic guarantees that full mains cycles are used for load switching.


1. Direct supply from the mains
2. Current consumption 3 0.5 mA
3. Very few external components
4. Full-wave drive – no DC current component in the load circuit
5. Negative output current pulse typ. 100 mA – short-circuit protected


1. Full-wave power control
2. Temperature regulation
3. Power blinking switch

Other data sheets are available within the file: T2117-3ASY, T2117-TAQY, T2117-TASY

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T2117-TASY pdf