TA550C Datasheet – Asynchronous Communications Element

Part Number: TA550C

Function: TL16C550C, TL16C550C / Asynchronous Communications Element With Autoflow Control

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

TA550C datasheet


TL16C550CPT -> Marking Number TA550C

The TL16C550C and the TL16C550CI are functional upgrades of the TL16C550B asynchronous communications element (ACE), which in turn is a functional upgrade of the TL16C450.

Functionally equivalent to the TL16C450 on power up (character or TL16C450 mode), the TL16C550C and the TL16C550CI, like the TL16C550B, can be placed in an alternate FIFO mode. This relieves the CPU of excessive software overhead by buffering received and transmitted characters.

TA550C Datasheet PDF Download

TA550C pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: TA550CI, TA550CPFB, TL16C550CFN, TL16C550CFNG4