ADS5409 Datasheet – 12bit, 900Msps Analog to Digital Converter

Part Number: ADS5409

Function: Dual Channel, 12bit, 900Msps Analog to Digital Converter

Package: 196pin BGA type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


ADS5409 datasheet


The ADS5409 is a high linearity dual channel 12-bit, 900 Msps analog-to-digital converter (ADC) easing front end filter design for wide bandwidth receivers.

The analog input buffer isolates the internal switching of the on-chip track-and-hold from disturbing the signal source as well as providing a high-impedance input. Optionally the output data can be decimated by two.

Designed for high SFDR, the ADC has low-noise performance and outstanding spurious-free dynamic range over a large input-frequency range. The device is available in a 196pin BGA package and is specified over the full industrial temperature range (–40°C to 85°C).


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