ISL24003 PDF – Multi-Channel Buffers Plus VCOM Driver

Part Number: ISL24003

Function: Multi-Channel Buffers Plus VCOM Driver

Package: 44 Ld 7x7mm QFN Type

Manufacturer: Intersil Corporation


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ISL24003 pdf pinout


The ISL24003 integrates eighteen gamma buffers and a single VCOM buffer for use in large panel LCD displays of 10” and greater. Half of the gamma channels in each device are designed to swing to the upper supply rail, with the other half designed to swing to the lower rail. The output capability
of each channel is 10mA continuous, with 120mA peak. The gamma buffers feature a 10MHz 3dB bandwidth specification and a 9V/μs slew rate.


1. 18-channel gamma buffers

(1) 9 channels swing to the upper supply

(2) 9 channels swing to the lower supply

(3) 10mA continous output current

2. Single VCOM amplifier

(1) 180mA short circuit output current

(2) 35MHz -3dB Bandwidth

(3) 70V/μs slew rate

ISL24003 datasheet


1. TFT-LCD monitors

2. LCD televisions

3. Industrial flat panel displays


ISL24003 PDF Datasheet

ISL24003 pdf

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AS15-F PDF Datasheet – 14+1 Channel Voltage Buffer, EC5575

Part Number: AS15-F, EC5575

Function: 14+1 Channel Voltage Buffer

Package: TQFP-48 Pin Type

Manufacturer: E-CMOS

Images:AS15-F pdf buffer


The AS15-F, EC5575 is a 14+1 channel voltage buffers that buffers reference voltage for gamma correction in a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT LCD). This device incorporating a Vcom amplifier circuits, four rail to rail buffer amplifier circuits (the highest two stage and lowest two stage) and 10 buffer amplifiers circuits. The EC5575 is available in a space saving 48-pin TQFP package, and the operating temperature is from –20°C to +85°C.


• Wide supply voltage range 6.5V ~ 18V

• Rail-to-rail output swing (The highest two stage & lowest two stage)

• High slew rate 1V/µs

• GBWP 1 MHz

• 2 MHz -3dB Bandwidth

• Large Vcom Drive Current: ±100mA(Max)

AS15-F pinout datasheet


1. TFT-LCD Reference Driver29

AS15-F PDF Datasheet