ECEG1AU683P Datasheet – 68,000uF, Aluminium Capacitor

What is ECEG1AU683P?

This is a type of aluminum electrolytic capacitor produced by Panasonic. It has a capacitance of 68,000 microfarads (μF) and a voltage rating of 10 volts. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are commonly used in electronic circuits to store and discharge electrical energy.

The ECEG1AU683P capacitor has a radial lead type construction, meaning that the leads are located at opposite ends of the capacitor body and extend out from the sides.

Function: 68,000uF, Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor – Screw Terminal Type – Discontinued

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation


ECEG1AU683P datasheet


One of the advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is their relatively high capacitance-to-volume ratio, which allows them to store a large amount of charge in a relatively small package. However, they are also known to have a limited lifespan compared to other types of capacitors, and they can be sensitive to temperature and voltage fluctuations.


1. Endurance : +85°C 2000 h

Recommended Applications:

1.Suitable for the circuits of switching power supply,computer,inverter

Shelf Life:

1. After storage for 1000hours at +85±2 °C with no voltage applied and then being stabilized
at +20 °C, capacitors shall meet the limits specified in ìEnduranceî.(With voltage treatment)

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