H6780-01 Datasheet PDF – Photosensor Module – Hamamatsu

Part Number: H6780-01

Function: Photosensor modules housing a metal package PMT

Package: Metal Package PMT

Manufacturers : Hamamatsu ( http://www.hamamatsu.com )




The H5773 / H5783 / H6779 / H6780 / H6780-01 series are photosensor modules housing a metal package PMT and high-voltage power supply circuit. The metal package PMTs have a metallic package with the same diameter as a TO-8 package used for semiconductor photodetectors, and deliver high gain, wide dynamic range and highspeed response while maintaining small dimensions identical to those of photodiodes. The internal high-voltage power supply circuit is also compact, making the module easy to use. Considering the mounting methods, a cable output type and a pin output type are provided, and a total of 7 types are available according to the wavelength range to be measured. A P-type is also available with selected gain and dark count ideal for photon counting under extremely low light conditions.





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H6780-01 Datasheet PDF


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