BD49101AEFS-M PDF – Multi-channel Power Supply IC

Part Number: BD49101AEFS-M

Function: Multi-channel Power Supply IC for Car Audio Systems

Package: HTSSOP-A44 Type

Manufacturer: Rohm

BD49101AEFS-M pdf datasheet


The BD49101AEFS-M LSI is a multi-channel power supply IC that can provide all necessary supply voltages for automobile audio systems. The IC has two Switching Power Supplies (DCDC), five Regulators (REG) and a High Side switch. This single power supply system can provide the required voltages to all systems including the MCU, CD, tuner, USB, illumination, audio circuits and others. The IC system is based on switching regulator which has high efficiency then you can suppress heat of IC than before.

And it has low power mode operation or voltage control function so that you can get ①High Efficiency ②Low IQ and ③easiness of power supply design.


1. Integrated 7 channels of Power Supply for Car Audio
・2 DCDC (Integrated 1 Controller )
・5 REG

2. 1 High Side Switch channel

3. Integrated Low Power Standby REG for MCU Power Supply

4. REG4 Cable Impedance Compensation

5. I2C Interface

6. Selectable Oscillator Frequency using External Resistance

7. External Clock Synchronization

8. Power Supply Control Function (Power on/off Sequencer).

9. Low Voltage, Over Voltage and REG4 Over Current Detect Flag

BD49101AEFS-M pinout

Key Specifications

1. Input Voltage Range: 5.5V to 25V(VIN0=BCAP)

2. DCDC1(controller):

3. DCDC2(with low power mode for MCU): 1A

4. REG1(output voltage variable): 500mA

5. REG2(output voltage variable): 100mA

6. REG3(output voltage variable): 300mA

7. REG4(output voltage variable for USB): 1.5A

8. REG5(output voltage variable): 50mA

9. High side SW: 500mA


1. Car Audio and Infotainment

BD49101AEFS-M PDF Datasheet

NT50198 PDF – TFT-LCD, 3-Ch, Charge Pump Power IC

Part Number: NT50198

Function: 3-Channel Charge Pump Power IC

Package: QFN-16, TDFN-12, TDFN-16 Type

Manufacturer: Novatek

Images:NT50198 pdf



This is TFT-LCD 3-Channel Charge Pump Power IC. A charge pump power IC (Integrated Circuit) is a semiconductor device designed to generate and regulate output voltages from an input voltage source by using charge-pumping techniques. Charge pumps are used to increase or decrease voltage levels, depending on the specific application.

The NT50198 is a high-performance step-up charge pump and inverter to generate two output voltages; it is including pumping controllers for positive and negative output voltage. The following content contains the detailed description and the information of component selection.
The positive charge-pump controller provides adjustable regulated output AVDD and fixed -1 ratio of AVEE to supply the TFT.

The NT-50198 can provide a suitable and stable voltage level to TFT LCD driver IC, and NT50198 can refer to PSYNC signal to switch from charge state to pump state and vice versa. This function can avoid state changing noise to interfere display quality. If the driver IC or baseband can not provide PSYNC, please connect PSYNC signal to GND pin for free-running mode (Internal frequency =125 KHz). […]



1. Charge pump x2 mode for positive AVDD and x-1 mode for negative AVEE .

2. Charge pump clock synchronized with PSYNC for benefit of low noise.

3. Positive and Negative regulated charge Pump with Diode free.

4. External Capacitor 5C or 7C only

NT50198 PDF Datasheet