A3V56S40FTP Datasheet PDF – 256Mb Synchronous DRAM

Part Number: A3V56S40FTP

Function: 256Mb Synchronous DRAM

Package: TSOP 54 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Zentel Electronics Corp


A3V56S40FTP datasheet



A3V56S30FTP is organized as 4-bank x 8,388,608-word x 8-bit Synchronous DRAM with LVTTL interface and A3V56S40FTP is organized as 4-bank x 4,194,304-word x 16-bit. All inputs and outputs are referenced to the rising edge of CLK.

A3V56S30FTP and A3V56S40FTP achieve very high speed data rates up to 166MHz, and are suitable for main memories or graphic memories in computer systems.


1. Single 3.3V ±0.3V power supply

2. Fully synchronous operation referenced to clock rising edge

3. 4-bank operation controlled by BA0, BA1 (Bank Address)

4. Burst type- Sequential and interleave burst (programmable)

5. Byte Control- DQM (A3V56S30FTP), DQML and DQMU (A3V56S40FTP)

6. Random column access

7. Auto precharge / All bank precharge controlled by A10

8. Support concurrent auto-precharge

Other data sheets are available within the file:

A3V56S30FTP, A3V56S30FTP-G6, A3V56S30FTP-G7, A3V56S30FTP-G75


A3V56S40FTP Datasheet PDF Download

A3V56S40FTP pdf

R1LV1616H-I Datasheet PDF – 16-Mbit static RAM

Part Number: R1LV1616H-I

Function: Wide Temperature Range Version 16 M SRAM

Package: TSOPI 48 Pin type

Manufacturer: Renesas Electronics


R1LV1616H-I datasheet



The R1LV1616H-I Series is 16-Mbit static RAM organized 1-Mword × 16-bit / 2-Mword × 8-bit. R1LV1616H-I Series has realized higher density, higher performance and low power consumption by employing CMOS process technology (6-transistor memory cell). It offers low power standby power dissipation; therefore, it is suitable for battery backup systems.



1. Single 3.0 V supply: 2.7 V to 3.6 V

2. Fast access time: 45/55 ns (max)

3. Power dissipation:
(1) Active: 9 mW/MHz (typ)
(2) Standby: 1.5 μW (typ)

4. Completely static memory.
(1) No clock or timing strobe required

5. Equal access and cycle times

6. Common data input and output.
(1) Three state output

7. Battery backup operation.
(1) 2 chip selection for battery backup

Other data sheets are available within the file: R1LV1616HSA-4LI, R1LV1616HSA-4SI, R1LV1616HSA-5SI

R1LV1616H-I Datasheet PDF Download

R1LV1616H-I pdf