TAP107M016HSB Datasheet PDF – 100uF, 16V, Tantalum Capacitor

Part Number: TAP107M016HSB

Function: 100uF, 16V, Tantalum Capacitor

Package: Solid Leaded Type

Manufacturer: AVX Corporation

TAP107M016HSB datasheet



TAP is a professional grade device manufactured with a flame retardant coating and featuring low leakage current and impedance, very small physical sizes and exceptional temperature stability. It is designed and conditioned to operate to +125°C (see page 171 for voltage derating above 85’C) and is available loose or taped and reeled for auto insertion. The 15 case sizes with wide capacitance and working voltage ranges means the TAP can accommodate almost any application.

AVX offers a broad line of solid Tantalum capacitors in a wide range of sizes, styles, and ratings to meet any design needs. This catalog combines into one source AVX’s leaded tantalum capacitor information from its worldwide tantalum operations.


TAP107M016HSB Datasheet PDF Download

TAP107M016HSB pdf

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