TC160G Datasheet PDF – 0.8 Micron, CMOS Gate Array

Part Number: TC160G

Function: CMOS Gate Arrays for Low Voltage Operation

Package: PLCC Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba


TC160G Datasheet


The TC160G and TC163G 0.8 micron gate array series operate at 3V +- 0.3V or 3.3V +- 0.3(low voltage). They have a typical gate speed of 0.4ns and up to 210K usable gates. Low voltage operation reduces power consumption by about 50%, compared to 5V operation, making these products ideal for low power or battery-operated applications, including laptops, notebooks, pen-based computers, and handheld devices.


1. Process : 0.8 micron (drawn) CMOS Si-gate double or triple layer metal

2. Raw gates : from 6K up to 302K

3. Usable gates : from 2.4K up to 210K

4. Power supply : from 2.7 up to 5.25V

5. Slew rate control buffers (5V Only)

6. Building-block memory, megacells and megafuncions

7. Advanced packaing including TAB

 TC160G Datasheet PDF