TC54VN2902ECB Datasheet PDF – Voltage Detector

Part Number: TC54VN2902ECB

Function: Voltage Detector

Package: SOT-23A Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


TC54VN2902ECB datasheet



The TC54VN2902ECB, TC54 series are CMOS voltage detectors that are especially well suited for battery-powered applications because of their extremely low 1 µA operating current and small surface-mount packaging. Each part is laser-trimmed to the desired threshold voltage, which can be
specified from 1.4V to 6.0V with a 2% tolerance.


• ±2.0% Detection Thresholds
• Small Packages: 3-Pin SOT-23A, SOT-89, and TO-92
• Low Current Drain: 1 µA, typical
• Wide Detection Range: 1.1V to 6.0V
• Wide Operating Voltage Range: 0.7V to 10V


• Battery Voltage Monitoring
• Microprocessor Reset
• System Brown-Out Protection
• Switching Circuit in Battery Backup
• Level Discriminator


TC54VN2902ECB Datasheet PDF Download

TC54VN2902ECB pdf

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