TC94A29FAG Datasheet – Single-Chip CD Processor – Toshiba

Part Number: TC94A29FAG

Funciton : Single-Chip CD Processor with Built-in Controller (CD-CX)

Manufacturer: Toshiba Semiconductor




The TC94A29FAG/FB is a single-chip CD processor for digital servo, which incorporates a 4-bit microcontroller. The controller features an LCD driver, 4-channel 6-bit AD converter, 1 port 2-channel 2/3-line or UART serial interface module, a buzzer, 20-bit general-purpose counter function, interrupt function, and 8-bit timer/counter. The CPU can select one of four operating clocks (16.9344-MHz, 75-kHz or 32.768-kHz crystal oscillator and CR oscillator), facilitating interface with the CD processor.

The CD processor incorporates sync separation protection and interpolation, EFM demodulator, error correction, digital equalizer for servo, and servo controller. The CD processor also incorporates a 1-bit DA converter. In combination with the TA2157F/FN digital servo head amplifier, the TC94A29FAG/FB can very simply configure an adjustment-free CD player. Thus, the IC is suitable for CD systems for automobiles and radio-cassette players.

TC94A29FAG Datasheet

TC94A29FAG Datasheet