TCA700Y Datasheet – 10V, 220mA, Voltage Regulator – ITT

Part Number: TCA700Y

Function: 10V, 220mA, Car Voltage Regulator

Package: TO-202/1 Type

Manufacturer: ITT


TCA700Y voltage regulator


Monolithic integrated voltage regulator in bipolar technology, especially designed for stabiilzed power supplies of car instrumentation in cars with 12V accumulators. This IC features narrow tolerance on output voltage, a low temperature coefficient and is equipped with an automatic current limiter and a thermal overload protection which prevents destruction of the IC in case of accidental overloads, for example short-circuits.

A sufficiently large cooling fin must be provided, to ensure that under normal working conditions the max. permissible junction temperature is not exceeded, and the thermal overload protection does not operate.

TCA700Y Datasheet pinout
Block Diagram

TCA700Y block diagram

TCA700Y Datasheet


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