TCC8900 Datasheet PDF – High Performance Processor

Part Number: TCC8900

Function: High Performance and Low-Power Processor

Package: 400 Solder Balls

Manufacturer: TeleChips


TCC8900 processor


The TCC8900 is the system LSI for digital multimedia applications based on ARM1176JZ(F)-S, ARM’s proprietary 32-bit RISC CPU core. It can decode and encode various types of audio/video standards with software and dedicated hardware accelerators – MP3 / AAC / MPEG4-AAC / MPEG4-BSAC, JPEG / MPEG1 / MPEG2 / MPEG4-SP/ASP / H.264 / VC-1 / Real Video and other types of audio/video standard. The on-chip USB2.0 OTG controller enables the data transmission between a personal computer and storage device such as NAND flash, HDD, CD, SD, MMC and Memory Stick etc, which can be controlled by the TCC8900.

TCC8900 datasheet pinout


1. 32 Bits ARM1176JZ(F)-S RISC CPU Core for System and Audio Processing

(1) 16KB/16KB Instruction and Data Caches
(2) MMU Supported
(3) Java Acceleration Supported
(4) 16KB Instruction TCM(Tightly Coupled Memory for Exception Handler)
(5) 16KB Data TCM (Tightly Coupled Memory for Fast Data Transfer H/W)
(6) JTAG interface for code debugging


(1) Boot ROM of 16Kbytes for various boot procedure (HPI BOOT, NAND, USB) and security
(2) Internal SRAM of 16KB for program shared memory with hardware
(3) Memory controller for various memories including PROM, NOR type Flash, SRAM, and SDRAM etc.

TCC8900 Datasheet PDF

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