TDA4863 Datasheet PDF – Boost Controller ( PFC ), Infineon

Part Number: TDA4863, TDA4863G

Function: Power-Factor Controller (PFC) IC (Boost Controller)

Package: DIP, SO 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Infineon Technologies

Image and Pinouts:

TDA4863 datasheet



The TDA4863 IC controls a boost converter in a way that sinusoidal current is taken from the single phase line supply and stabilized DC voltage is available at the output.

This active harmonic filter limits the harmonic currents resulting from the capacitor pulsed charge currents during rectification. The power factor which decibels the ratio between active and apparent power is almost one. Line voltage fluctuations can be compensated very efficiently.

Power Factor Controller IC for High Power Factor and Low THD


1. IC for sinusoidal line-current consumption

2. Power factor achieves nearly 1

3. Controls boost converter as active harmonic filter for low THD

4. Start up with low current consumption

5. Zero current detector for discontinuous operation mode

6. Output overvoltage protection

7. Output undervoltage lockout

8. Internal start up timer

9. Totem pole output with active shut down

10. Internal leading edge blanking LEB


TDA4863 Datasheet PDF Download

TDA4863 pdf

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