TDA8002C Datasheet PDF – Smart IC Card Interface – Philips

Part Number: TDA8002C,  TDA8002CT/A


IC card interface

Package: LQFP32, SO28

Manufacturer: Philips Semiconductors


TDA8002C philips


The TDA8002C is a complete low-power analog interface for asynchronous and synchronous cards. It can be placed between the card and the microcontroller. It performs all supply, protection and control functions. It is directly compatible with ISO 7816, GSM11.11 and EMV specifications.


TDA8002C pinout datasheet


1. Single supply voltage interface (3.3 or 5 V environment)

2. Low-power sleep mode

3. Three specific protected half-duplex bidirectional buffered I/O lines

4. Thermal and short-circuit protections with current limitations

5. Automatic ISO 7816 activation and deactivation sequences

6. Enhanced ESD protections on card side (>6 kV)

7. Clock generation for the card up to 12 MHz with synchronous frequency changes


TDA8002C Datasheet


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