TDA8763A Datasheet PDF – 10-bit High-speed Low-power ADC

Part Number: TDA8763A

Function: 10-bit High-speed Low-power ADC

Package: SSOP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Philips Electronics ( )


TDA8763A datasheet



The TDA8763A is a 10-bit high-speed low-power analog-to-digital converter (ADC) for professional video and other applications. It converts the analog input signal into 10-bit binary-coded digital words at a maximum sampling rate of 50 MHz. All digital inputs and outputs are TTL and CMOS compatible, although a low-level sine wave clock input signal is allowed. The device requires an external source to drive its reference ladder. If the application requires that the reference is driven via internal sources the recommendation is to use the TDA8763.


1. 10-bit resolution
2. Sampling rate up to 50 MHz
3. DC sampling allowed
4. One clock cycle conversion only
5. No missing codes guaranteed
6. In-Range (IR) CMOS output
7. Levels TTL and CMOS compatible digital inputs
8. 3 to 5 V CMOS digital outputs
9. Low-level AC clock input signal allowed
10. External reference voltage regulator
11. Power dissipation only 175 mW (typical)



1. Video data digitizing
2. Radar pulse analysis
3. Transient signal analysis
4. High energy physics research


Other data sheets are available within the file: TDA8763AM, TDA8763AM/3, TDA8763AM/3/C4, TDA8763

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