TDS2285 PDF – Pure Sine Wave Inverter Control Chip

This post explains for the Inverter Control.

The Part Number is TDS2285.

The function of this semiconductor is Pure sine wave inverter control

Package: DIP 14-pin.

Manufacturer: Union Power

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TDS2285 pdf


This is Pure Sine Wave Inverter Control Chip. There are several control chips available for pure sine wave inverters, which are used to convert DC power from a battery or other power source into AC power with a smooth sine wave output. These chips typically include control circuitry, gate drivers, and other features necessary for generating a high-quality sine wave.

Some commonly used control chips for pure sine wave inverters include:

1. IR2110: This is a popular high-voltage, high-speed power MOSFET and IGBT driver chip. It can be used in conjunction with other components to design a pure sine wave inverter.

2. SG3525: It is an integrated pulse width modulation (PWM) controller chip commonly used for DC-DC converters and inverters. With additional circuitry, it can be used to control the power switching devices in a pure sine wave inverter.

3. IRS2453: This chip is specifically designed for half-bridge and full-bridge inverter applications. It integrates a high-voltage gate driver and control circuitry, making it suitable for pure sine wave inverter designs.

4. HIP4081A: It is a high-frequency, medium-voltage, full-bridge N-Channel MOSFET driver IC. While not specifically designed for inverters, it can be used as a driver in pure sine wave inverter applications.


TDS2285 pinout datasheet


. The chip wafer adopts CMOS process and is powered by 5V power supply.
. Only need simple peripheral parts to complete high-performance SPWM generation and inverter control.
. Industrial and extended temperature ranges.
. Continuous 20mA load capability on the SPWM output pin.
. 10-bit SPWM precision, the carrier frequency is 20Khz.
. Built-in short circuit protection.
. can individually control the pins to turn off the front pole.
. chip power supply voltage stability detection
. Independent AC output voltage and current feedback control.
. battery power supply voltage detection.
. Working status indication output.

TDS2285 PDF Datasheet