TEA6425 Datasheet PDF – Video Switch Matrix for TV

Part Number: TEA6425


Package: DIP 20, SO 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


TEA6425 datasheet



This device is intended for switching between video and chroma signals such as CVBS, SVHS,
baseband CVBS, MAC. Each input clamp mode, each output gain, all switching are controlled
through the I2C bus. The 8 outputs can be set separately in high impedance state, to enable parallel DC connection of several devices (up to 4).


1. 6 Video Inputs – 8 Video Outputs

2. 2 Internal Selectable YC Adders

3. 15MHz Bandwidth @ -3dB

4. Selectable 0.5/6.5dB Gain FOR EACH Output

5. High Impedance Switch for each Output (3-state operation)

6. Programmable Clamp Mode on each Input (sync bottom or average value)

7. -60dB Crosstalk @ 5MHz

8. 4 Sub-address Capability

9. I2C Bus Control


TEA6425 Datasheet PDF Download

TEA6425 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: TEA6425D