TLP651 Datasheet PDF – Photocoupler, DIP 8 – Toshiba

Part Number: TLP651

Function: Photocoupler GaA-As IRed & Photo−IC

Package: 11-10C4, DIP 8

Manufacturer: Toshiba

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TLP651 datasheet



This is Photocoupler.

The TOSHIBA TLP651 consists of a GaAℓAs high−output light emitting diode and a high speed detector of one chip photo diode−transistor.  This unit is 8−lead DIP.


TLP651 pinout


Text :

TOSHIBA Photocoupler GaAℓAs IRed & Photo−IC. Digital Logic Ground Isolation Line Receiver Microprocessor System Interfaces Switching Power Supply Feedback Control Analog Signal Isolation. This base pin should be used for analog application or enable operation. If base pin is open, output signal will be noisy by enviromental condition. For this case, TLP650 is suitable. ·


1. Isolation voltage: 5000Vrms (min.)

2. Switching speed: tpHL = 0.3µs (typ.) tpLH = 0.5µs (typ.) (RL = 1.9kΩ)

3. · TTL compatible

UL recognized: UL1577, file no. E67349 · BSI approved: BS EN60065: 1994 Certiticate no. 7613 BS EN60950: 1992 Certiticate no. 7614 TOSHIBA Weight: 0.54g 11−10C4 Pin Configuration (top view) Schematic 1 2002-09-25 TLP651 Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C) Characteristic Symbol Rating Unit Detector LED Forward current Pulse forward current Peak transient forward current Reverse voltage Diode power dissipation Output current Peak output current Output voltage Supply voltage Base current Emitter-base reverse voltage Output power dissipation Operating temperature range Storage temperature range Lead solder temperature (10s) Isolation voltage (AC, 1min., R.H.≤ 60%). [ … ]


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Other data sheets are available within the file:  TL-P651