TMDSEVM6678 Datasheet PDF – DSP, Evaluation Module

Part Number: TMDSEVM6678

Function: TMS320C6678 Evaluation Module / Digital Signal Processor

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TMDSEVM6678 datasheet




The TMS320C6678 Lite Evaluation Modules (EVM), are easy-to-use, cost-efficient development tools that help developers quickly get started with designs using the C6678 or C6674 or C6672 multicore DSP. The EVMs include an on-board, single C6678 processor with robust connectivity options that allows customers to use this AMC form factor card in various systems. They also work as a stand alone board.

The software accompanying the 6678L EVM includes the Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment version 5 (CCS v5), and the Multicore Software Development Kit (MCSDK) that includes the Board Support Package (BSP), Chip Support Library (CSL), Power On Self Test (POST), Network Development Kit (NDK), SYSBIOS, and Out of Box (OOB) Demonstration software.


1. Single wide AMC like form factor

2. Single C6678 multicore processor

3. 512 MB DDR3

4. 64 MB NAND flash

5. 1MB I2C EEPROM for local boot (remote boot possible)

6. 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports on board (second port on AMC connector)

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TMDSEVM6678 Datasheet PDF Download

TMDSEVM6678 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: TMDSEVM6678E, TMDSEVM6678LXE