TOP100YAI Datasheet PDF – Off-line PWM Switch

Part Number: TOP100YAI

Function: TOPSwitch Family / Three-terminal Off-line PWM switch

Package: TO-220-3 Type

Manufacturer: Power Integrations, Inc

Image and Pinouts:

TOP100YAI datasheet


The TOPSwitchfamily implements, with only three pins, all functions necessary for an off-line switched mode control system: high voltage N-channel power MOSFET with controlled turn-on gate driver, voltage mode PWM controller with integrated 100 kHz oscillator, high voltage start-up bias circuit, bandgap derived reference, bias shunt regulator/error amplifier for loop compensation and fault protection circuitry.




1. Low Cost Replacement for Discrete Switchers

• 20 to 50 fewer components – cuts cost, increases reliability

• Source-connected tab and Controlled MOSFET turn-on reduce EMI and EMI filter costs

• Allows for a 50% smaller and lighter solution

• Cost competitive with linears above 5 W

TOP100YAI Datasheet PDF Download

TOP100YAI pdf

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