TP4221B Datasheet PDF – Mobile Power Single Chip – Tpower

Part Number: TP4221B

Function: Mobile Power Single-Chip Solution

Package: SOP 16L Type

Manufacturer: Tpower Semiconductor


TP4221B image


The TP4221B is a power supply designed specifically for mobile single-chip solution, within Integrated charging unit management module, discharge management module, protection module, power Detection and LED indication module. TP4221X Built charging and discharging power MOS, the charging current can be set, The maximum charging current is 1A, the maximum discharge current of 1.2A. TP4221X integrated thermostat charging mode, over temperature protection, overcharge and over-discharge protection, output overvoltage protection, output overloading protection, output short circuit protection almost all chip security features to ensure the safety and protection of lithium-ion batteries, etc. Whole, while TP4221X application circuit is simple, minimal element can be realized charge Power management and discharge management.



TP4221B datasheet pdf


1. Built-in charge and discharge power MOS, no external

2. Input Voltage: 4.3V~6V

3. Charging current: up to 1 A

4. Output current: 1.2A max

5. Output voltage: 5V

6. BAT discharge termination voltage: 2.9V

7. Optional 3/4/5 level battery level indicator

8. Selectable 4.2V/4.35V Charge Cutoff Voltage

9. Maximum 8uA Standby Current

10. Integrated charge management and discharge management

11. Intelligent temperature control and over-temperature protection


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