TPD4E101DPWR Datasheet PDF – Low Capacitance ESD Protection

Part Number: TPD4E101DPWR

Function: 4-Channel Bidirectional Low Capacitance ESD Protection Device

Package: X2SON 4 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPD4E101DPWR datasheet



The TPD4E101DPWR is a four channel ESD protection device in an ultra small DPW package. It is the industry’s smallest 4-ch ESD protection device with 0.48mm pitch. This larger pitch helps save on PCB manufacturing costs.

The device provides IEC61000-4-2 compliance up to 15kV contact discharge. It has an ESD clamp circuit with back-to-back diodes for bipolar/bidirectional signal support.

The 7pF line capacitance is suitable for a wide range of applications supporting data rate up to 700Mbps.


1. I/O Capacitance 4.8 pF (Typical)

2. Dynamic Resistance 0.45 Ω (Typical)

3. DC Breakdown Voltage ±6 V (Minimum)

4. Ultra-Low Leakage Current 100 nA (Maximum) Overtemperature

TPD4E101DPWR Datasheet PDF Download

TPD4E101DPWR pdf

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