TPS2105-EP Datasheet PDF – Power-Distribution Switch

Part Number: TPS2105-EP

Function: V aux Power-Distribution Switch

Package: SOT-23 (5Pin) Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS2105-EP datasheet



The TPS2105, TPS2105-EP is a dual-input, single-output power switch designed to provide uninterrupted output voltage when transitioning between two independent power supplies.

Both devices combine one N-channel (250 mΩ) and one P-channel (1.3-Ω) MOSFET with a single output.

The P-channel MOSFET (IN2) is used with auxiliary power supplies that deliver lower current for standby modes.

Application circuits :



1. Dual-Input, Single-Output MOSFET Switch

2. Advanced Switch Control Logic

3. CMOS and TTL Compatible Enable Input

4. Controlled Rise, Fall, and Transition Times

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TPS2105-EP pdf

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