TPS25942A Datasheet PDF – 5A, eFuse Power MUX

Part Number: TPS25942A

Function: 2.7V-18V 5A eFuse Power MUX with Multiple Protection Modes

Package: WQFN 20 Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS25942A datasheet



The TPS25942, TPS25944, TPS25942A eFuse Power MUX is a compact, feature rich power management device with  full suite of protection functions.

The wide operating range allows control of many popular DC bus voltages. Integrated back-to-back FETs provide bidirectional current control making the device well suited for power muxing and systems with multiple power sources.


1. 0.6 A to 5.3 A Adjustable Current Limit (±8%)

2. IMON Current Indicator Output (±8%)

3. 200-µA Operating IQ (Typical)

4. 15-µA Disabled IQ (Typical)

5. ±2% Overvoltage, Undervoltage Thresholds

6. Reverse Current Blocking

7. 1-µs Reverse Voltage Shutoff

8. Programmable dVo/dt Control


TPS25942A Datasheet PDF Download

TPS25942A pdf

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