TPS40200HD Schematic – Buck DC/DC Controller -TI

Part Number: TPS40200HD ( Marking 40200S ), TPS40200-HT

Function: High Temperature Wide Input Non-Synchronous Buck DC/DC Controller

Package: SOIC 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Image :

TPS40200HD DC DC Controller


The TPS40200HD is a flexible nonsynchronous controller with a built-in 200-mA driver for P-channel FETs. The circuit operates with inputs up to 52 V, with a power-saving feature that turns off driver current once the external FET has been fully turned on.

This feature extends the flexibility of the device, allowing it to operate with an input voltage up to 52 V, without dissipating excessive power. The circuit operates with voltage-mode feedback and has feed-forward input-voltage compensation that responds instantly to input-voltage change.


TPS40200HD Schematic Pinout

TPS40200HD PDF datasheet


1. Input Voltage Range 5.5 V to 52 V

2. Output Voltage (700 mV to 87% VIN)

3. 200-mA Internal P-Channel FET Driver

4. Voltage Feed-Forward Compensation

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TPS40200HD SCHEMATIC Applications


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