TPS51367 Datasheet PDF – Integrated FET Converter

Part Number: TPS51367, TPS51367RVET, TPS51367RVER

Function: Integrated FET Converter

Package: VQFN-CLIP 28 Pin

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS51367 datasheet fet converter


This is synchronous buck converter with ultra-low quiescent current.

The TPS51367 is a high-voltage input, synchronous converter with integrated FET, based on DCAP-2 control topology, which enables fast transient response and supports both POSCAP and all MLCC output capacitors. TI proprietary FET technology combined with TI leading-edge package technology provides the highest density solution for single-output power rail such as VCCIO and VDDQ for DDR notebook memory, or any point-of-load (POL) in wide application.

The key feature of the device is its ULQ Mode to enable low-bias current (100 µA in low power mode, enabled by LP#). This feature is extremely beneficial for long battery life in system standby mode.

The feature set includes switching frequency of 800 kHz. Programmable soft-start time with an external capacitor. auto skip, pre-bias startup, integrated bootstrap switch, power good, enable and a full suite of fault protection schemes, including OCL, UVP, OVP, 5-V UVLO and thermal shutdown.


TPS51367 pinout



1. Input Voltage Range: 3 V to 22 V
2. Output Voltage Range: 0.6 V to 2 V
3. 12-A Integrated FET Converter
4. Fewest External Components
5. ULQ-100 Mode of Operation to Enable Long Battery Life During System Standby
6. Soft-Start Time Programmable by External Capacitor
7. Switching Frequency: 400 kHz and 800 kHz
8. D-CAP2 Architecture to Enable POSCAP and All MLCC Output Capacitor Usage
9. Integrated and Temperature Compensated Low-Side On-Resistance Sensing for Accurate OCL Protection
10. Powergood Output OCL, OVP, UVP and UVLO Protections
11. Thermal Shutdown (non-latch)
12. Output Discharge Function
13. Integrated Boost MOSFET Switch

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TPS51367 Datasheet

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